Your Summer Skincare Decoded

Your Summer Skincare Decoded


Our personalised skincare routines are mostly well set in place, but the hot summer weather sometimes requires us to make massive adjustments to it. The rising temperature and humidity often lead to hyper active oil glands and clogged pores, conditions specific to this weather that demands exclusive care. Like our basic minimalist clothing to beat the fatal heat, our skin care regimes beckon for a less-is-more approach too!

Can’t let them blemishes, acne, and tan dull your shine? So here’s a list of summer beauty must-haves for a flawless summer glow that can be the best accessory to your cute crop tops and sandals! Because when we say we’re serious about protecting our bare skins, we mean business.

Your Daily Skincare Regime

Your everyday ‘Daily Three Step Regime’ consisting of cleansing-toning-moisturising, should be taken very very seriously in the hot humid summer climate.

Go for a mild cleanser that keeps the impurities away without harsh implications, and a a natural astringent preferably without alcohol to soothe the skin. Second, while most of us skip the task of moisturising our skin thinking it is redundant due to the heat, oil, and sweat. However, our skin needs it in this weather more than ever. Choose lightweight moisturisers or creams that help hydrate and soften your skin for hours. You can buy these products at Nykaa.

Your Everyday Makeup Routine

Here are a few products perfect for your regular summer look!

1. BB/CC Cream

For daily wear, opt for BB/CC creams or tinted moisturisers that purports to even out your complexion and add a wash of glow without feeling too heavy on the skin. They’re affordable compared to  full-fledged foundations, easily available at your nearest cosmetic stores, and so much easier to apply!

If you’ve had a hard time finding your perfect match for a BB cream so far, you may strike gold with these options!  Try BB creams from Garnier and Maybelline in modest prices or Clinique and The Body Shop on the higher end of the price spectrum. Products available at Jabong and The Body Shop.

2. Gel Liner

Most of us don’t step out of the house without a swab of eyeliner or kohl in our eyes to avoid being questioned about our health and well being. As annoying as that is, liner is a basic necessity! So summers become a dreadful season for us because the heat and sweat makes it look smudgy and messy. The smartest solution out of this dilemma is to opt for a gel eyeliner because it glides on perfectly and stays put all day! Not just that, it is also easy to apply, correct and clean if you make a mistake. (What a blessing, right?)

MAC Liquidlast Eyeliner and Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner being the best in the business. Grab these products at Sephora  or head to the nearest Sephora store.

3. Matte Compact

The easiest way to defeat the Summer sweat without wearing a ton of makeup is using matte compacts. Keep in handy a mattifying compact powder to dab on your T-zone to remove the excess shine and sweat. The best option is a light translucent powder because it tames the shine without altering your complexion. This one doesn’t load you up with pigment because of its delightful transparency.

Check out Estee Lauder Lucidity Translucent Loose Powder and Inglot Translucent Loose Powder for the perfect matte look.

For the rest of the make-up, you can continue with your regular blush, highlight, contouring with a generous dab of lipstick that reflects your summer glee! Head to IKINAKI and check out our app for more detailed reviews by users on some of these products. Both brands available at Nykaa.

Your Everyday Body Care Ritual

1. Protect

The most essential product we swear by is a good sunscreen. It not only protects the skin from tanning but is the best defence against wrinkles and sun spots. Choosing the right sunscreen isn’t a Herculean task when you know these few tips-

  • Ensure it’s lightweight so that it doesn’t layer up over your skin.

  • It has a hydrating gel/aqua base for maximum coverage for every inch of the skin.

  • Make sure it’s water and sweat proof for a long duration of effective protection. (Here are a few popular product choices by Lakme, Neutrogena , Kama Ayurveda etc.) Head to the nearest brand outlets now!


2. Scrub and Moisturise

Extensive sweating in the summers can cause redness, rashes, acne in places below our faces too! It’s extremely important to scrub not just the face but the body on a weekly basis to exfoliate, detoxify, and smoothen the skin. Apply on dry skin for a more intense treatment, in the shower for a gentle scrub, or put a dollop in the tub for the ultimate detoxifying soak.

Follow it by a gentle moisturiser to keep the skin smooth and mini skirt ready! If you’re still confused about which product to invest on, go right away to IKINAKI, and the Ikinaki app for the trending product reviews. Off you go! Check these products out at Kama Ayurveda and The Body Shop.

Note: Images sourced from official websites of all brands.