What's Trending in Wellness?

What's Trending in Wellness?

We are loving the focus on health these days. We are all working hard to be healthier, fitter, and better versions of ourselves! We value the energy and productivity a healthy body and a peaceful mind can bring to our lives, and aspire towards getting that perfect balance. But it is not easy, is it?

With hectic work schedules, finding time and putting effort in the pursuit of wellness can be overwhelming. From managing a well balanced diet, exercising daily, meditating, maintaining a good work-life balance, finding time to read, watching a movie, playing a sport to so much more; checking out all these items in our daily to do list and then tracking the metrics can be exhausting. We may even forget why we are doing it and end up feeling stressed out, which defeats the whole purpose.

So you may ask, with hectic work schedules and no time for self, how can we take time out to de-stress without burdening our schedule even more?

The answer to that is simple. Fitting everything in is tough, but finding simple ways to de-stress while you are doing your daily chores isn’t. One excellent way to de-stress is using good old aromatherapy. Just add a couple of aromas to your life as you go about your daily activities and it will slowly relax your senses on the side.

Aromatherapy is the art and science of utilizing natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant for psychological and physical well-being. These aromas work almost like magic by reducing the perception of the stressor in the environment and increasing the over all feeling of contentment. It is effective and has no side effects!

Scented candles made of natural components are great for aromatherapy. Light up a candle and wait for the aroma to fill up the room while you read a book, get into a hot bath, or even finish some pending office work. Lemongrass scents help de-stress and calm the mind. Lavender and Rose scents  help get better sleep. Their mild satisfying floral fragrances elevate mood and relieve stress. Eucalyptus fragrances energize and are known to heal allergies, cold and sinus infections. Jasmine fragrances help stimulate alertness, activate immune system, and fight headaches and respiratory problems.

A brand that offers these popular options is the gorgeous “The Fragrance People”, which is also proud to be is India’s first candle retail chain. Its catalogue offers a sublime range of fine scented candles, incense, diffusers, and much more.

We at Ikinaki are spellbound by the exquisite and luxurious range of scented candles offered by The Fragrance People. We have handpicked our favorites from their wide range of decadent fragrances here.

So try this wonderfully simple, quick, and effective way to de-stress and calm your mind! A calm mind will help you balance better and build harmony between the body and mind!