So, What’s The Best Time for a Bath- Morning or Night?

So, What’s The Best Time for a Bath- Morning or Night?

An intriguing question has been a matter of debate for long, and today we ask the same question again, not in an attempt to find the answer but instead to leave you with some food for thought and great product recommendations from Ikinaki.

First the question: What is the best time for a bath; morning before you start your day, or at night after you are back and ready to unwind?

Now most of us are pretty convinced that we have figured out the perfect bath schedule, but have you ever considering the health benefits of the other? Yes, it is true, psychologists and doctors believe that there are tangible health benefits associated with each of these regimens. While you may think that one suits you more than the other, both cater to different needs, so you may like to reassess the best fit for you. 

Researcher Shelly Carson, believes that people who have hectic and demanding work schedules and need to come up with creative solutions to problems on a daily basis, can greatly benefit from early morning showers. Morning showers give you time to relax, as your subconscious mind mulls over the problems you’ll solve later in the day. This is very similar to the effects of morning meditation, yoga, or exercise. Just imagine, using a citrusy natural body shower gel in the morning and letting the aromas and cool water charge you up with refreshed energy.

According to Dr. Mona Gohara “This kind of mindfulness in the morning can decrease inflammation in the skin by keeping levels of a hormone called cortisol capped.” This can give you great refreshed skin throughout the day. For those who shave in the shower, she also advices to shave in the morning, “mornings are the best time to shave because that’s when you have a surge of platelets—or blood cloggers.” 

Now what do the night shower evangelists say to that? While most agree with the fact that showering relaxes and focuses the mind, they believe that the best time to do it is at night. It is a great way to unwind the day and prepare for a peaceful sleep. A good relaxed sleep will enhance overall health and increase productivity at work. Imagine a relaxing bath, with a natural shower gel aroma slowly relaxing your body as you prepare for bed? Does that not sound wonderful?

Dr. Christopher Winter recommends taking a warm bath at night particularly for people with sleep issues. He says, “That rapid cooling after you get out of the shower or out of the bath tends to be a natural sleep inducer. So it’s a nice way to fool your body into thinking it’s time to go to bed.”

And even if sleep is not an issue, is it not important to remove all the oil, dirt and pollutants that accumulate on the skin throughout the day before going to bed?

The answer to day or night is up to you, but from all the research and debate on this question, one thing is for certain, relaxation during bath or shower has great health benefits. So why not make this experience aromatic and even more relaxing? Ikinaki brings you amazing bath and shower products that can make your daily ritual even more refreshing and re-energizing. So whatever be your regimen, pamper yourself with fragrances that help you freshen up in the morning or pick up a fragrance that will help you unwind at night.

We are featuring on our line up, the luxuriously fragranced Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Brightening Shower Gel that is perfect for the day with its citrusy fragrances that will kick start your day, and Provencal Lavender Purifying Shower Gel with the sublime Lavender scent that will help you get better sleep.

Team it up with Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Purifying Body Lotion and Kronokare Provencal Lavender Nourishing Body Lotion and get a wholesome experience. These travel sized packs are great for trials and if you like them, get full size next time.

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