Make-up Looks To Oomph Up Your Vacay

Whether you're escaping the baleful summer heat at a beach or taking a soulful safari, one major travel issue faced is the chronic illness of over-packing! The hardest part is picking beauty essentials, and the kind of make-up that will transform your city girl vibe to that of a sun-kissed lounge lady. So here’s a carefully curated list of everything you need to know for the perfect vacation look. From what to pack to the right make-up looks, we’ve got your back covered girlfriend!Read More

Vacationing soon? Here's What You Need to Pack in your Beauty Kit.

Vacationing is fun when you travel light. No one wants to spend time worrying about heavy baggage. That would simply spoil the fun! But you need to feel fresh and look fresh on your vacation! Just because you are vacationing doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your skincare regime. So we put together a list of essentials that you need to find space for in your bag when you are travelling.Read More