Vacationing soon? Here's What You Need to Pack in your Beauty Kit.

Vacationing soon? Here's What You Need to Pack in your Beauty Kit.

Vacationing is fun when you travel light. No one wants to spend time worrying about heavy baggage. That would simply spoil the fun! But you need to feel fresh and look fresh on your vacation! Just because you are vacationing doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your skincare regime. So we've put together a list of essentials that you need to find space for in your bag when you are travelling.

Remember, you must take care of your skin, but don’t end up carrying so much stuff that it comes in the way of having fun!

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1. A Good Face Cleanser 

While you’ll almost always find all the toiletries when you ask your hotel concierge, we wonder why they never have a face wash? But it is actually fair, because face wash should always suit your skin. Here’s a tip: When travelling, carry your face wash! And what's better than a liquid face wash, is carrying a solid cleansing stick. A cleansing stick feels like rubbing a solid cleansing balm on your skin, that slowly releases a warm liquid cleanser and removes dirt and excess oil. Just rinse it off and get a fresh glow. Some of the most popular and trending cleansing sticks are Boscia's Charcoal Cleansing Stick Pur Joystick Exfoliating Deep-Pore Cleanser, and Neogen Real Green Tea Cleansing Stick. 

2. An Effective Moisturiser with SPF

When you are on a vacation, you will mostly find yourselves spending more time outdoors than indoors. And when you are outdoors, you get exposed to more dust. More dust means you would want to wash your face on the go to regain freshness, followed by moisturising to make your skin look and feel supple and hydrated. Carry a good moisturiser with SPF, to stay hydrated and protected from UV ray exposure!

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3. No Calm Without a Lip Balm

Lip balms are lifelines. Dry lips not only look unkempt, but also hurt! And when you are out on the streets of bustling new city or in the nature trekking, you'll need to keep your lips hydrated to focus on what's around you. Chapped lips can hurt and come in the way of enjoying to the fullest! Here’s a tip: Lip balms are not only for treating dry lips. They also create a fresh glossy hydrated look that's real and beautiful. Our favourite lip look is the balm look, and nothing can beat it when you are on a vacation.

Lip balm

4. A Little Mascara Never Hurt 

After lip balm, the only make up item you need to carry is a mascara! Applying Mascara pops open the eyes and gives the face a fresh look. Eyes with mascara look like they are smiling and you just can deny that.


5. Roll On and Freshen Up

When you smell good, you feel good! Carry your pocket size Roll Ons on your trip. You will never regret. When you have a long day of sightseeing and touring in the morning followed by clubbing at night, you won’t always get a chance to hit the shower in your hotel. Using a Roll On during the day will help control body odour and keep you smelling fresh throughout your day and night!

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6. A Travel Size Perfume to Go 

Carry a travel sized perfume in your bag, so you can top up on that fragrance that gets you going through the day. Get a travel-size perfume bottle today, and you’ll thank us later!

 Perfume bottles

7. Pocket-Sized Dry Shampoo

Dry shampooing is a fun, fast and effortless way to make hair look, feel and smell fresh. Use a good one and get the kind of bounce you get after a blow out. Batiste offers pocket-sized (50 ml) dry shampoo sprays that are super convenient for travels. Hair definitely look and smell fresh instantly after a few sprays.



So get packing and get going! 

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