The Ingredients Series: Hemp Seed Oil and Its Uses in Skin Care

The Ingredients Series: Hemp Seed Oil and Its Uses in Skin Care

In the new year, we’re bringing you a new blog series - The Ingredients Series. We’ll be picking a few ingredients in skin care and health, that are making waves, and tell you all there is to know about them. Every season, certain ingredients pick up and every brand seems to be launching their own range with those ingredients. But just because it’s trending, doesn’t mean it’ll suit you or your skin type. So this series aims at understanding the basic usage of these ingredients, and whether it’s worth investing in or not.

Marijuana? Cannabis? Hemp? What are these and how are they different from each other?

The first ingredient in this series is Hemp Seed Oil. Not to be confused with marijuana, hemp is actually a different strain of the cannabis plant. Both hemp and marijuana fall under the cannabis category, but hemp has little to zero concentration of the psychoactive chemical which makes marijuana illegal in many countries. So, hemp is safe. For supervised consumption, as well as application on skin.

What are the benefits of hemp seed oil?

Hemp has been cultivated for eons and is considered to be one of the oldest plants ever to be domesticated. It has both industrial and medicinal uses. But its most popular use case is in skin care. As with most oils, the most potent and beneficial form of hemp seed oil is cold pressed. Therefore, while purchasing a skin care product infused with hemp seed oil, be sure to check that it mentions cold pressed.
Now let’s have a look at the various skin benefits of hemp seed oil:

Hydration and nourishment: The Ultimate Moisturizer

Yup, hemp seed oil is known to contain high levels of essential fatty acids which aid in moisturization and nourishment of skin. Products containing hemp seed oil are therefore highly recommended if you’re suffering from chronic dry skin, excessive chapping of lips or cracked heels. Known to cure the dryest of dry skin, it’s a must have in the harsh winters.

Perfect moisturizer for oily skin

Hemp seed oil does not clog pores. It is therefore considered to be an ideal moisturizer for those suffering from oily, dull skin. It provides the perfect balance of moisturization along with a non oily glow


It’s got powerful antioxidant properties, which make it perfect for combating skin rashes and acne, by providing the skin with more oxygen

Hemp Seed Oil products we recommend

The Hemp Product Series by The Body Shop is a definite winner. The Hemp Hand Protector and the Hemp Foot Protector, claim to provide 24 hour moisturizer, and they certainly live up to the promise. So much so, that dermatologists recommend the Hemp Foot Protector for specially dry and cracked heels.

So now you know, if you're looking to rejuvenate oily acne prone skin or have chronic dryness, look for products containing cold pressed hemp seed oil!

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