Five Health and Beauty Trends from 2017

Five Health and Beauty Trends from 2017

Every year, exciting new health and beauty mantras take the world by a storm, and in no time we find all leading brands riding the wave with new product launches. The word spreads, and before we know it, everyone is talking about it.

Here is a compilation of five health and beauty mantras that created buzz this year. 


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5. Vegan Beauty Product Evangelists 

At number 5, this year was a year for cruelty-free vegan beauty products! For many of us, who know about the inhumane treatment of animals while testing beauty products, this was the year to say NO MORE! With hundreds of new brands making vegan and cruelty free products available, we had enough options to switch completely. If you pledged to stay stylish, but also compassionate by discouraging animal testing or using animal-based ingredients in beauty products, you could pick from a variety of new brands in India and abroad.

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 4. The Charcoal Bandwagon

At number 4, activated charcoal took the beauty industry by storm. Activated charcoal functions like magic. Because of its sponge-like properties, it extracts, dust, bacteria, oil and everything unwanted from any surface. It is used widely in skincare. When used on the skin, it removes dust and excess oil and leaves it shinning, glowing, and rejuvenated. 

But it’s not just effective for skin products. Charcoal is used for variety of things including teeth whitening, acne reduction, curing hangovers, etc. The fact is that charcoal properties are almost magical, and this was the reason why so many interesting products innovations happened with this magical ingredient, this year. 

More: Check out this article by Forbes that lists 12 charcoal beauty products that actually work. Also, here are some awesome make up brands that are totally vegan.


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3. Apple Cider Vinegar Buffs

We cannot talk about trends this year without talking about Apple Cider vinegar. At number 3, was a perennially trending health product that is here to stay. Apple Cider Vinegar is sure to give you healthy skin and fitter body. It is loaded with vitamins, enzymes, and anti-oxidants that make it a health buff's favourite. 

But did you know that it the Raw Apple Cider with the mother is healthier version of the vinegar with alkalizing effects that boost immunity? The Mother is actually a ‘cobweb-like substance in apple cider vinegar that gives it a cloudy look'. Clean vinegar that clear is pasteurized vinegar. When it is pasteurized, a lot of the nutritional benefits, such as good bacteria, enzymes, pectin, proteins, and minerals, are lost as the Mother culture gets removed.

More: Check out this blog at Tips and Beauty for best Apple Cider Vinegars (with and without the mother) available in the Indian market.


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2. The Cold-Pressed Brigade

The baaaaap of all health and beauty trends this year was the cold-pressed juice trend. This year, at number 2, all across the world, health enthusiasts saw a large number of new brands starting up to bring them a healthy juice drink that was the perfect supplement to get a nutritional diet daily.

More: Check out Ikinaki’s blog, Five Cold-Pressed Things you Cannot Miss, from last week to read about health benefits of cold pressed products and the cold pressed things you should try next. Also, here is a compilation of the top cold pressed juice brands available in Indian market.


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1. Fitness, Goes Social 

 At number 1, we don’t have a trending beauty or healthy range of products. At number 1, we have technology.

This year, being into fitness and health did not mean you had to give up on your social life any more! Meeting up with new people who are just like you and achieving goals together got more fun and easy. Many new technology devices, and health tracking and data sharing apps, that let you share data and compete real time with friends, saw huge popularity this year. Apps like Wellscene in the US brought users exciting events by Women’s Health, and another platform Racefully got you running with friends from all over the world. There were options for everyone- from events to data, you got what you wanted!

More: Check out this article on Life Wire about top social fitness platforms that are making waves. 


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So What’s Next for 2018? 

We are betting that in the year 2018, the next biggest trend will be social product discovery. And leading this trend would be Ikinaki! Time to take your product discussions online. Tell your peers about the health and beauty products you use and review them! If you didn’t like what you used, review it. If you liked what you used, definitely review it and let your friends know.

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