Make-up Looks To Oomph Up Your Vacay

Make-up Looks To Oomph Up Your Vacay

Whether you're escaping the baleful summer heat at a beach or taking a soulful safari, one major travel issue faced is the chronic illness of over-packing! The hardest part is picking beauty essentials, and the kind of make-up that will transform your city girl vibe to that of a sun-kissed lounge lady.

So here’s a carefully curated list of everything you need to know for the perfect vacation look. From what to pack to the right make-up looks, we’ve got your back covered girlfriend!


1. The Right Base 

The key to long lasting make-up in warmer climates is an impeccable primer followed by a strong but luminizing foundation. A lot of foundations use built in light reflecting shimmers to give a subtle and natural glow with long lasting coverage. You can try from L’Oreal, Giorgio Armani, Maybelline’s huge range.

2. Brightening Tools

Opting for a colour corrector and concealer followed by baking powder can be a blessing when you’ve been out under the sun all day long, sight seeing. These products can also prevent your make-up from the horror of looking cake-y and melting.

3. Blush and Highlight

The sun shouldn’t be the only one shining when you can create a gorgeous natural glow with just a bit of highlighter! Apply it on the high points of your cheeks, the tip of the nose, cupids bow, and the inner corner of the eyes. A good blush will help balance the natural flush of your face.

4. Eyes and Lips

Pick corals and earthy tones for the eyes that can help enhance the most prominent part of your face. A bright blast of plum or red on the lips can add that extra sass for your summer jazz! Don’t forget that bit of mascara, liner, and filling for your eyebrows, to add essential boost to your face.

5. Sunscreen

And last but not the least, don’t forget to carry your sunscreen wherever you go.


1. Bronze Goddess- Your Beach Vacay Look

After the basic primer-foundation-contour regime, pick warm browns and coppers for the eyelids that keeps your face sultry and sizzling. A pale/neutral lip or followed by a mild sweeping blush to create a bronze or blushed look without actually getting tan! Go for liquid highlighters for a minimal but fluid glow.

2. The European Chic – For Your European Vacay

The most important make-up rule to swear by is that there is no make up rule! But the safest option is keeping it minimal & as natural as possible. Avoid thick layers of makeup. Use a BB or CC cream for a light coverage. Go for pops of colour on the lip to highlight a bright, glowing face. Apply a wash of shimmery eyeshadow all over the eyelids. Depending on time of the day, your eyeshadow palette can vary from browns during the day to blues and greens in the night! Finish it off with a dramatic coat of your favourite mascara and wing tipped liner sharp enough to kill a man. Choose a coral shade for the lips- pink or orange, and your ready to go!

3. The Mountain Soul – Your Vacay in the Valley

The most important beauty trick to keep in mind when on a vacation to places of higher altitudes is to keep the skin hydrated. Use a heavier moisturiser as the base for your make up, and finish it off with a moisture surge make up spray with a dewy finish. MAC Prep+Prime being the most affordable and loved in this category. Maroons, browns and bright red lips can sizzle up the cold weather.

Now flawless can be more than just a hashtag! Happy holidays, ladies.

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