Marathon nutrition - Eat Right to Run That Extra Mile!

The marathon season is upon us! With less than a month to go for the run, those of you training for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon will be in the last leg of your trainingRead More

Let's Get Social with Ikinaki 2.0

Welcome to Ikinaki 2.0. So what is it? It’s a place where you can share your shopping experiences with your friends and the world. How do you do this? You write a review!Read More

Why Choosing Natural Products is a Good Idea - For You, & For the Planet

Natural products, organic produce, holistic health - sound familiar?
We keep hearing that the world is moving towards a more natural outlook to production and we’re all “going back to nature”. But what does all of this really mean?
By consciously choosing these products we’re becoming a part of something much bigger.Read More

So, What’s The Best Time for a Bath- Morning or Night?

An intriguing question has been a matter of debate for long, and today we ask the same question again, not in an attempt to find the answer but instead to leave you with some food for thought and great product recommendations from Ikinaki.

First the question: What is the best time for a bath; morning before you start your day, or at night after you are back and ready to unwind?

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What's Trending in Wellness?

We are loving the focus on health these days. We are all working hard to be healthier, fitter, and better versions of ourselves! We value the energy and productivity a healthy body and a peaceful mind can bring to our lives, and aspire towards getting that perfect balance. But it is not easy, is it?Read More

Ikinaki Is Live

The usual may get boring—which is why Ikinaki is here to brighten up your mundane shopping list, and help  you explore new brands and products in an exciting fun way.

Yes, you heard it right! is live, with a unique line up of hot-selling and upcoming premium brands in skincare, haircare, home, wellness, bath and relaxation categories for you to pick! We are thrilled to bring to you curated products from premium boutique brands across the country that are committed to producing high quality natural products.

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Explore More!

Most of us, at some point or the other, have been plagued by the “Paradox of Choice”. A book by the same name written by psychologist Barry Schwartz introduces and explains this phenomenon as the anxiety that stems from having too many options to choose from. It could happen when choosing something life-changing, such as, picking a university to graduate from, or something as simple (seemingly) as picking a soda flavor from the vending machine at the airport.Read More

Ikinaki Blogs

We, at Ikinaki, are thrilled to bring to you exciting products and memorable trial experiences. And as we start up to deliver this promise, we invite you to be a part of our incredible journey from the very start.Read More