Grooming On The Go - Men's Grooming Under 2K

Grooming On The Go - Men's Grooming Under 2K

It’s the 21st century. You know what that means? It means that beauty is no longer only the ladies’ domain. Women love a well-turned out guy who looks like he gives his grooming routine a thought (or two). As Tom Ford said:

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.”

We totally agree! But look good but without burning a hole in your pockets. If you’ve just started out and want body care essentials without the heavy price tags, you’re in luck! IKINAKI has put together the perfect gentleman’s kit that covers your head-to-toe grooming, all under INR 2000.

Here’s all you need to get your grooming game on point:

1) USTRAA Hair Cream

Let’s start from the top. A well-maintained mane has instant appeal. So be it hair gels, wax, or creams, pick your tool, and get to work! We found this one from USTRAA; it has wild flax seed extract and a combination of wheat germ oil, olive, and almond oils that’ll keep your hair healthy minus the greasy side-effects. Also, unlike gels or wax, you can use this one daily for that ‘just right’ bed head look!

Price: INR 199 

2) BEARDO Caffeine Face Scrub

Our face is possibly the most exposed part of the body. It suffers maximum skin damage and needs the maximum attention. How about a caffeine kick for your skin right in the morning? Get set to face the day (pun intended!) with a caffeine scrub that improves your blood circulation and revives tired skin cells in a jiffy. Go turn some heads, boys. Also, Antioxidants FTW!

Price: INR 199

3) Nivea Dark Spot Reduction Moisturiser SPF 30

A good moisturizer will get you from day to night sans the stickiness. This one from NIVEA promises to do just that. Infused with something the experts call ‘Whitanat Vita Complex Plus’ - a mix of 10 nutrients that repair dull skin - it provides the perfect protective layer coupled with the SPF. A steal in under 200 bucks, we must say!

Price: INR 180

4) The Man Company Tea Tree Mint Miniature Shave Gel

While trimming your fuzz, an effective shaving gel is a must. This handy travel-sized bottle from The Man Company has natural essential oils that have a cooling effect on freshly shaved skin. Skip the cuts you don’t want, and work for the ones you do!  

Price: INR 149

5) Gillette Mach 3 Sensitive Razor

Under 200 bucks, trust the Mach 3 for a pain-free shave for the times when you decide to go clean. It’s good to experiment with your beard but sometimes, you just need to start afresh. Give everyone a little more of you to look at!

Price: INR 180

6) Nivea Pure Impact 3-in-1 Shower Gel

Don’t give up on your grooming just outta laziness, lads. This all-in-one shower gel for the body, face, and hair leaves absolutely no room for excuses! Perfect for men who’ve recently developed an interest in personal grooming, it deep cleanses without drying out the skin. Bag it!

Price: INR 200 

7) Adidas Pure Game EDT

Investing in a good fragrance is the golden rule of grooming. There are loads of EDTs in the budget category for women but very less for men, which are actually good. We love Adidas’ Pure Game for its woody scent and long-lasting effect. The top notes are grapefruit, mandarin orange, basil and pepper. For Rs. 700, it’ll go a long way in helping you stay on top of your game!

Price: INR 699

Our grand total is INR 1957 for a men’s grooming kit that has all the basics from some trusted brands. Got your own essentials? We’d love to know what’s on your list. Do share your daily grooming kit essentials with us on the IKINAKI app!