Quick Skin Care Recipes For Busy Bees

When life gets busy, we often don’t get enough time to care for our skin’s health. But that’s not an excuse anymore. Today, we revisit some DIY beauty tips for getting that beautiful and healthy skin you’ve been longing for. And because beauty doesn’t always mean using a zillion products, we bring you awesome natural tricks that work wonders on the skin and show definite results. Best thing? You’ll almost find everything we recommend at home!Read More

5 Steps to Include in Your Overnight Skincare Regime

Let’s face it, taking care of our skin is probably one of the most important, yet, the most neglected activity, which is constantly recommended by doctors and dermatologists for overall well being. Happy skin = happy you. So why do we neglect it so much?Read More

Vacationing soon? Here's What You Need to Pack in your Beauty Kit.

Vacationing is fun when you travel light. No one wants to spend time worrying about heavy baggage. That would simply spoil the fun! But you need to feel fresh and look fresh on your vacation! Just because you are vacationing doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your skincare regime. So we put together a list of essentials that you need to find space for in your bag when you are travelling.Read More

The Ingredients Series: Hemp Seed Oil and Its Uses in Skin Care

The first ingredient in the Ingredients Series is Hemp Seed Oil. Not to be confused with marijuana, hemp is actually a different strain of the cannabis plant. Both hemp and marijuana fall under the cannabis category, but hemp has little to zero concentration of the psychoactive chemical which makes marijuana illegal in many countries. So, hemp is safe. For supervised consumption, as well as application on skin.Read More

8 Trending Beauty Resolutions for 2018. Courtesy the Internet.

With 2018 just around the corner, it’s time to make new year resolutions and take charge of your year ahead. For those of us who are ready to make some exciting resolutions to alter our beauty regimes this year, you may want to know what the internet deemed as the most trendy beauty resolutions for next year.Read More

5 Must-Have Hair Products to Include in Your Hair Care Regime

With all the damage from pollution, hard water, harsh weather and so on, just shampooing hair is no longer enough to keep it healthy and happy. Here are our picks of 5 must-have products to give you hair that additional love!Read More

Five Health and Beauty Trends from 2017

Every year, exciting new health and beauty mantras take the world by a storm, and in no time we find all leading brands riding the wave with new product launches. The word spreads, and before we know it, everyone is talking about it. Here is a compilation of five health and beauty mantras that created buzz this year.Read More

Five Cold-Pressed Things You Can't Miss!

If you are a health buff, up to date with the latest health foods and trends, you probably already know about the tremendous success of the cold-pressed juice industry. From supplements for balancing vitamins and minerals in your diet, to full body cleansing and transformation, cold press juices are a rage, and for all for the right reasons. But juices are not the only cold-pressed items that you need to know about. Here are 5 popular products that use cold-pressing and you just can’t miss them.Read More

4 Made in India Natural Skincare Brands Worth Trying

The skincare industry has seen a paradigm shift in the brands and products that have become popular, in the past decade or so. There’s been an influx of brands offering all natural, organic, cruelty free products all over the world.Read More

Five superfoods You Would Have Never Guessed are Super!

Ahh..superfoods! Unless you've been living under a rock, you've surely heard this term being thrown around by almost every food related brand, health blog and fitness magazine these days. It sounds intriguing for sure, but what does it mean? What are these mysterious "super" foods that seem to have cropped out of nowhere into our food discussions? And should they move from our conversations, into the food on our dinner tables?Read More