Five Health and Beauty Trends from 2017

Every year, exciting new health and beauty mantras take the world by a storm, and in no time we find all leading brands riding the wave with new product launches. The word spreads, and before we know it, everyone is talking about it. Here is a compilation of five health and beauty mantras that created buzz this year.Read More

Five Cold-Pressed Things You Can't Miss!

If you are a health buff, up to date with the latest health foods and trends, you probably already know about the tremendous success of the cold-pressed juice industry. From supplements for balancing vitamins and minerals in your diet, to full body cleansing and transformation, cold press juices are a rage, and for all for the right reasons. But juices are not the only cold-pressed items that you need to know about. Here are 5 popular products that use cold-pressing and you just can’t miss them.Read More

4 Made in India Natural Skincare Brands Worth Trying

The skincare industry has seen a paradigm shift in the brands and products that have become popular, in the past decade or so. There’s been an influx of brands offering all natural, organic, cruelty free products all over the world.Read More

Five superfoods You Would Have Never Guessed are Super!

Ahh..superfoods! Unless you've been living under a rock, you've surely heard this term being thrown around by almost every food related brand, health blog and fitness magazine these days. It sounds intriguing for sure, but what does it mean? What are these mysterious "super" foods that seem to have cropped out of nowhere into our food discussions? And should they move from our conversations, into the food on our dinner tables?Read More

Goji berry - Do We Really Need to Add Another Berry to The Mix?

Goji berries are beautiful dark red berries of a thorny Asian shrub. These mildly sour and tangy berries are making waves with health enthusiasts around the world. Time to check what the fuss is all about.
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The Magic that is Perfumery: All You Need to Know About Perfumes

We continue to adorn our lives with scents because they make us happy. They set the mood and forge strong memories. These memories are evoked vividly by the scent every time.Read More

Marathon nutrition - Eat Right to Run That Extra Mile!

The marathon season is upon us! With less than a month to go for the run, those of you training for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon will be in the last leg of your trainingRead More

Let's Get Social with Ikinaki 2.0

Welcome to Ikinaki 2.0. So what is it? It’s a place where you can share your shopping experiences with your friends and the world. How do you do this? You write a review!Read More

Why Choosing Natural Products is a Good Idea - For You, & For the Planet

Natural products, organic produce, holistic health - sound familiar?
We keep hearing that the world is moving towards a more natural outlook to production and we’re all “going back to nature”. But what does all of this really mean?
By consciously choosing these products we’re becoming a part of something much bigger.Read More

So, What’s The Best Time for a Bath- Morning or Night?

An intriguing question has been a matter of debate for long, and today we ask the same question again, not in an attempt to find the answer but instead to leave you with some food for thought and great product recommendations from Ikinaki.

First the question: What is the best time for a bath; morning before you start your day, or at night after you are back and ready to unwind?

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