5 Steps to Include in Your Overnight Skincare Regime

5 Steps to Include in Your Overnight Skincare Regime

Let’s face it, taking care of our skin is probably one of the most important, yet, the most neglected activity, which is constantly recommended by doctors and dermatologists for overall well being. Happy skin = happy you. So why do we neglect it so much? Probably because it is so difficult to narrow down what needs to be done, how many products are to be used, where can these products be found, and which ones will actually work. Yup, skincare is a tough nut to crack.

But worry not, we’re here to list for you, 5 very simple steps with recommended products for each step, which are sure to take the uncertainty out of the equation.

So let’s begin!

Step 1 Makeup Removal

The first and perhaps the most important step for anyone who uses even light makeup. Yes, that includes BB or CC Cream! Many of the makeup products available these days are so light, that it’s easy to forget we have them on. But that’ll be a huge mistake. Always remove even the lightest of makeup with a make up remover. It’s essential to unclog pores and make them receptive to the next steps of skin pampering.

We recommend: L’Oreal Paris Micellar Water is an all time favourite! It’s affordable, effective and very quick. Does not leave the skin feeling too oily and is suitable for all skin types.
Helpful Tip:
Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil can work as an awesome make-up remover, specially if you have super sensitive skin which finds alcohol based removers harsh. But avoid it if you have excessively oily skin.

Step 2 Cleansing

It’s important to clean your face preferably with a mild, soap-free, gentle cleanser. This will set the tone for the skin to tone in the next step. An ideal cleanser will clean from deep within, without making the skin dry or feel stretchy.

We recommend: Kama Ayurveda Mridul Soap Free Cleanser Although a little inconvenient to use, as it comes in a powder format, this one works great on almost all skin types to clear skin of dead cells and impurities.

Step 3 Toning

This is an extremely important step in getting your skin ready for the night. After having removed all pollution and impurities, a natural toner will help to close the facial pores which cleansing would have opened to clear up the impurities. Facial pores must be closed after a good cleanse, so that they do not catch and collect further dirt or oil, during the night.

We recommend: Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water An all time favourite for all skin types, 99% pure rose water is as good as it gets when toning skin.

Step 4 Moisturizing/Night Cream

Depending on your age, you can pick a night cream or any moisturizer which will seal in the goodness of hydration into your skin for the night. A common myth is that oily skin does not need moisturization. On the contrary, if oily skin feels dry, it will generate more oil than usual, to keep hydrated, which will result in that unwanted shiny face. So indulge in a moisturizer, no matter the skin type. Just make sure not to overuse. A small quantity, the size of a pea should spread on the entire face easily.

We recommend: Kama Ayurveda Eladi Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream Smells amazing, so so hydrating and leaves skin feeling soft like a cloud next morning.

Step 5 Serum

This one again depends upon your skin needs. But a facial serum is highly recommended after the age of 25, specially if you’re suffering from pigmentation and dark circles. Face serums are oil based and soak into the skin to help it recover from damage. They come in a wide variety of uses, specific to the skin problem being faced. So take your pick, whether you’re feeling you’ve got too much of a patchy skin, or are beginning to see signs of ageing in which case, you will need a regenerative formula. Overall, any serum, should make your skin glow and look even and bright!

We recommend: Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Ayurvedic Night Serum This one is known to work wonders on tired, pigmented skin with plenty of under eye dark circles. The Ayurvedic formula regenerates without being harsh.

So, there you go! 5 simple steps to help you get that glowing, bright skin every morning!

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