5 Must-Have Hair Products to Include in Your Hair Care Regime

5 Must-Have Hair Products to Include in Your Hair Care Regime

With all the damage from pollution, hard water, harsh weather and so on, just shampooing hair is no longer enough to keep it healthy and happy. Here are our picks of 5 must-have products to give you hair that additional love!

Hair Oil

This one might seem an obvious one, but lately a lot of us have started shying away from a good old head massage. While there are multiple school of thoughts when it comes to benefits of oiling hair, most people would agree, a light massage with a good quality, all natural hair oil, does help, by giving you a soft and shiny mane after a wash. Long term effects are debatable, but a weekly head massage followed by a shampoo and conditioner, is a great way to get manageable soft hair, and let’s face it, an even greater way to rewind on a Sunday!

Our recommendation::

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil

It’s got a lot many wonderful natural herbs, which are extremely mild, and have no side effects. Works towards combating dandruff, and although is marketed as an anti hair loss treatment, we haven’t seen notable results on that front. But, for it’s soothing ayurvedic fragrance, cooling effect, and super soft hair post shampoo, it’s a recommend!

Hair Mask

Hair masks are more like hair conditioners on steroids. They are considered an intensive treatment for hair, which can work wonders for you, depending on your hair type. There are volumizing masks for straight, thin hair and smoothing masks for difficult, frizzy hair. They’re fairly simple to use - just apply generously all over hair after a shampoo, leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes (depending upon the instructions on the bottle) and wash it off. Our experience with hair masks has been fantastic. They can tame the most stubborn of tresses and bring bounce and life to meek, straight tresses. So switching from a hair conditioner to a hair mask, is highly recommended.

Our recommendation::

Discipline Maskeratine by Kerastase

It is a slightly expensive, but extremely effective mask for frizzy unmanageable hair. You’ll see results from the very first use and are sure to get addicted. For thin hair, Densifique Masque Densite will give desired lift and volume to thin hair, without drying them out. Yes, we love Kerastase for hair masks! :D

Hair Serum

This is a hair product which is partial to frizzy, voluminous hair types. The reason for that is that hair serums are generally infused with oils, which smooth and straighten hair to give a much needed kempt look. Using a hair serum is fairly easy - take a small pump on your palm, apply it to partly wet hair and let your hair air dry. If you want to style specifically, you can also use the hair serum on dry hair and then blow dry. Get ready for smooth, lightly fragrant tresses!

Our recommendation::

L’Oreal Liss Unlimited Evening Primrose Oil

Extremely affordable t just Rs.650 for a 125 ml pack, will easily last you 5-6 months even with heavy use and smells divine. But most importantly, will leave frizzy hair so smooth and soft, you’ll feel you got a hair spa at home!

Hair Mousse

Mousse is generally used for styling hair, but can very well be used just to give hair life and bounce. And thus becomes a life saver for those struggling with fine and lifeless hair. While most mousses will make hair stiff and rough, there are specialized mousses available now, that will add volume without the stiffness. So what are you gals tired of thin, straight hair waiting for?

Our recommendation::

Beauty-Full Volume Mousse by TRESemme

This one is specialized to add volume without affecting texture of hair. It’s not available in India, so a little tough to get your hands on, but worth the price and effort.

Dry Shampoo

Innovation in personal care is just so exciting! Who would have thought you could totally revamp your hair without needing to use any water? Dry shampoo is probably our favourite type of hair care product. It makes life so much easier - just spray a little on your palm, rub your fingersgently through your hair, and viola! greasiness, stickiness - all gone! Perfect companion on a camping trip, impromptu party or dinner, or an important work meeting.

Our recommendation::

Batiste range of dry shampoos

Super affordable, awesome variants like Wild and Cherry, and with amazing refreshing fragrances, are the perfect pick for a dry shampoo. They also have travel friendly sizes, which makes carrying them around in your bag for hair related emergencies super easy!

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